ALL CURRENT PSYCHIATRY Psychosomatic Center provide treatment of the patients with variety psychiatric conditions. Our health care providers use complex and meticulous approach in diagnosis, treatment and care of our patients.
In addition to treatment of mental disorders, our Center is offering professional multispecialty treatment for addiction. Our staff is Certified by American Board of Addiction Medicine and successfully treats patients with alcohol, opioid and other chemical dependency conditions by using effective medications and counseling treatment.

Alla Fine
Alla Fine, MD
Dr. Fine has been a psychiatrist for more than thirty years. She has extensive experience in general psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. She is devoted to the rigorous practice of accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of mental illness.  Among conditions she treats are major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety spectrum conditions, obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia and addiction disorders.

Dr. Fine is committed to an open minded approach to patients emotional and pharmacological needs. She pays close attention to patients’ current and past mental as well as physical conditions, previous experiences with medications and therapy, social interactions and living arrangements in choosing the most effective and best tolerated treatment. Dr. Fine aims to explore in detail individual challenges that each patient faces in a thoughtful and attentive way.

Dr. Fine was also trained in psychodynamic therapy and has successfully applied its main ideas to treatment of her patients, addressing the unconscious processes as they are manifested in the patient's present behavior. One of her goals is to help patients understand how unresolved conflicts and past dysfunctional relationships can translate into maladaptive behaviors  and desire to abuse substances. Dr. Fine considers it a remarkable privilege to be a physician. She believes in the humanistic practice of medicine with emphasis on the unique strengths of each individual.